How Long Can Seeds Last

I sowed 7 sweet corn seeds 4 weeks ago, and none has germinated so far. After a little research, I realized that the reason was because these seeds have been around too long — I got them in 2005, 9 years ago.

But do older seeds always fail to germinate? Not necessarily. I got a 50% germination rate out of the pea seeds that I planted this year, and I also got those seeds in 2005.

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Remove A Tree Stump Manually

After successfully removing a tree, I turned my attention to the tree stump that was in my backyard for the last 3 years. The main challenge with the stump was that it was much more established than the tree that I removed. The diameter of the stump was a foot and a half, so it was a good-sized stump, and I had no idea how long the roots were extending.

First, I needed to decide how to go about removing this stump. To make this decision, I decided that the following criteria were what I would use to:

1) Cost: The lower the cost, the better.
2) Safety: Whichever method I decided to use would need to be safe.
3) Complete removal of roots: I planned to convert the area around the stump to a vegetable garden. Therefore, I didn’t want to just grind down the stump and leave the roots there.
4) Timeliness: I did not want to wait for weeks or months to complete this job.

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Remove a Tree Manually

I have noticed that one of the tree in my backyard died for over a year, but never got around to remove it.  The tree is about 10 feet high, and about 6 inches at the base of the stem — it would most likely be categorized as a small tree.  The reason that I had done nothing was because I didn’t think it was possible for me to remove it myself, and that I needed to call in a professional.

After doing some online research and watching some Youtube videos recently, I was inspired by someone who used a method of digging around the tree with a shovel and removing roots as he came across them, and eventually he was able to get rid of all the roots so he can pull the tree out.  Based on the size of my tree, I felt that before I shell out at least $100 to get someone to come in and do that for me, I should give it a try.

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